Nov 9, 2011

Silky Silky Soap

Hello again! So lately I have been back at the drawing board to refine my traditional soap recipe. In my last few batches of soap I have added a special "luxurious" ingredient, Raw Tussah Silk. Here is a pic of the silk that I have on hand. Doesn't it just "look" silky? It feels absolutely fabulous to the touch! 

To give you a little background on this ingredient, Raw Tussah Silk is wild crafted and gathered from the Tussah Silk worms that live naturally in the rain forest. Their silk is gathered after the moth emerges.

Silk protein is one of the most luxurious elements of products to impart silkiness and a luxurious feel to cosmetics, body care and soap products. Silk protein is easily absorbed by the skin and adds silkiness as well as conditions the skin.

So far I have made three soaps, which I will be adding to my Buy A Bar page soon! Both of these soaps will be available within the week!
"Figgy Pudding Bar" (Brown Sugar & Figs Dupe)
Love Potion #9 Bar (Lovespell Dupe)

I also made an essential oil Lemongrass/Eucalyptus loaf today that has silk in it too! The soap really feels "silky"! There is no other way to describe it. So needless to say that I will be adding this as a staple ingredient in many soap bars.

In the near future I am looking forward to making a 100% olive oil (or castile soap bar), and adding some more butters like mango & cocoa butter. 

So check back soon and see what I am serving up at the bar!
This past Sunday I was at Hoovers Market in Altamonte Springs, Fl for their bi-monthly Farmers Market! 
This was my little set up at the market!
It was awesome! I met some really amazing "local" organic produce farmers. Not only were they selling some delicious, fresh, organic produce, but they were "very cool" peeps to hang out with! I am really looking forward to the next Farmers Market at Hoovers with them. That will be Sunday November 20th! The weekend before Thanksgiving! So come on through and get your produce and support the local farmers in our area!! 

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  1. I'll be there with the kids and btw we love the Cool Like That Bar.... I can't get enough of it. I like the texture of it and the amount of soap that it creates :) and last but not least the way the the skin feels. Great Products Looking forward to get more bars for thanksgiving and the holidays.

  2. Thanks for your comments Luis!! I am so glad you like my soap. Thanks for following my blog!!


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