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Here are just a few of the soaps that I have available for purchase. 
  The Castile Bar 

The Naked Bar's first 80% Olive Oil soap bar. Unscented and uncolored, it is best used for the most sensitive skin.

 Neem Bar 

Neem oil is the highlight of this face bar. The bark, leaves, and oil of the Neem tree have been used as an herbal remedy in India for many years. Neem oil has antibacterial, antifungal, and moisturizing properties that make it ideal for oily and problem skin. In addition to Neem Oil I also added French Green Clay as well as Comfrey Powder. These ingredients are know for removing oil, dirt, and impurities, as well as calming and soothing the skin. Tea Tree and Lemon Essential oils make for a clean fresh scent. 
(Note: Neem oil has somewhat of a strong scent that some would consider unpleasant.  As Neem oil is one of the main ingredients in this soap the scent is not completely masked by the essential oils. Yet the scent is not overwhelming)

 Ylang My Bell Bar
Pink Rose Kaolin Clay make for a lovely shade in this bar speckled with Calendula Petals. Ylang Ylang Essential oils and Clary Sage and a unique combination. Slightly citrus yet herbal at the same time. 

  Sweet Balm Bar
Like a sweet, balmy, night. This bar has a lovely essential oil blend with Ginger Lily (also known as Himalayan Ginger), Lime, & Mandarin. The smell is warm, spicy, and a little sweet. Pink Kaolin Clay give a lovely pink top with a bit of green oxide swirled in the bottom. Pink Jojoba beads are in the top of the bar for light exfoliation. So very pretty to look at, but even better to use in the shower. 

 Felted Soap Bars
These are a few soap bars that have been felted into soft, lightly exfoliating, and brilliantly colored mohair wool roving. The wool roving forms a felt sack around the bar of soap. To use a felted soap you just wet it and rub it on your skin. The soap suds up nicely through the felt and makes for the ultimate lathering and exfoliating experience. Wool is naturally anti-fungal and makes for a perfect natural soap keeper. A wonderful and unique gift idea. Available in different scents and colors.

 Butter Bar
It's like butter! The butter bar consists of 4 butters for skin that is moisturized to the max. Shea butter, Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter, and now Aloe Butter!! No colorants or added essential oils or fragrance on this bar, just good skin loving oils. I rounded this bar out with come baby oatmeal cereal for even more vitamins and skin nourishment. 


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