Oct 13, 2011

Not just your "Average Joe"!!

Soaping with a Purpose!!
The whole reason I began soapmaking is because my husband and my son both suffer from Eczema. Eczema is a chronic skin condition that causes scaly and itchy rashes. Previously we always used commercial soaps, many of which contained harsh sulfates, synthetic fragrances, and chemicals. These ingredients can exacerbate and irritate already sensitive and dry skin. 

Since we've been using my homemade soaps there have been no incidences of Eczema rashes or scaly skin on my son or on my better half!! 

So to honor my hubby and darling son my latest soap creation is called "Average Joe"!!

This soap is truly a "naked bar"! It is made using my traditional soap recipe of coconut oil, palm kernel oil, olive oil, shea butter, and castor oil.

I then add a few heaping tablespoons of baby oatmeal cereal. Oatmeal is a phenomenal ingredient for assisting with skin conditions of any kind. It helps to relieve dryness, restore the natural moisture balance of skin, it aids in reducing redness, itching, and minor skin irritations. 

The soothing colloidal action of oatmeal binds moisturizing 
emollients to your skin so that skin becomes softer and more elastic. Plus there is a "ridiculous" amount of vitamins in the stuff :)!!

Baby oatmeal cereal is so fine that it is not grainy in the soap. (Even though whole grains of oatmeal are also wonderful and can be used for super exfoliating action).

There are no added colors or fragrance oils,   and the smell is just kind of "nutty". Kind of like baby oatmeal cereal. 

These bars are going to be "curing" for about a week and then will be on the Buy a Bar CP page.

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