Mar 13, 2012

Soap Chunks and Swirls

In the early days of my soap making career, I worked mainly with melt and pour glycerin soap. It was so easy to just melt down some soap, add color and scents, then make embeds, or cut chunks or peel some swirls. I was hesitant to start doing the same with Cold Process or Hot process Methods. There are just so many possibilities when it comes to making unique designs in soap. So this month I am getting back to my roots and cutting up chunks of soaps, molding embeds, and slicing swirls for embeds. They have come out beautifully and I am reinventing my soap line!!

I am also having such fun blending essential oils to make new scent combinations. This one is Ginger Lily, Lemongrass, & Clary Sage. I cut up some Clary sage soap that I had leftover and just stuffed them in the loaf. The smell is unbelievable!! I messed up the swirl by getting crazy and adding Calendula petals, but it still came out kind of cute.
Jasmine, Citrus, & Ginger- Iused Butter Bar chunks to make swirls and curls throughout. Then I topped with a few curls and some glitter. I just love glitter!!

Lavender, Grapefruit, & Cassia - This bar is just swirled, but the essential oil blend is fabulous!
Swirling or layering hot process soap is a little bit trickier than cold process. This is just the beginning, but I have some other ideas regarding swirling and embedding that I will be trying soon.
Anise, Grapefruit, Vanilla, & Clove- I had some leftover Coco Loco bars and I made some nice long slices and then just "got em in where they fit in". Came out really cute, but I should have dusted with more Gold Mica on top.

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