Apr 21, 2012

Hi everyone! Just posting on the fly here. A few new soap pics to add and a little info on the essential oils blends that I have been working on.  In the coming weeks I will be updating my purchase page and enhancing my blog design. I also have a new blog designer! My wonderful hubby is now helping me design the site! Many changes are underway so check back and enjoy the new stuff. Blog you later :)

Revamped Bar

Berg Fruit  Bar
The Castile Bar

Dreams of India Bar

Revamped Bar
This bar is a re-batch of a sage & rosemary soap that I made a while ago. The scent was just not strong enough so I decided the melt the entire batch down and add some stronger essential oils to make the scent stick. This is a blend of Tea Tree, Peppermint, Sage, & Rosemary. There is added shavings of the Muddy, Minty, Kelp Bar to give it an aesthetic look.  The scent is wonderful.

Berg Fruit Bar
So rather than cutting soaps into chunks I went a little Geometrical with  it by cutting triangles instead. The came out adorable. I even stuck little triangles in the top of each bar. For this essential oil combination I blended bergamot,  grapefruit, and the soap "triangles" are ylang ylang. I used my short stamp because the embeds were not soft so I did not have enough room for my big "naked" stamp. Still cute and gets my point across.

The Castile Bar
I absolutely love this castile soap. It is wonderfully moisturizing with all the benefits of a traditional Castile Olive Oil bar, but the added Coconut Oil gives it just the right lather and texture! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this soap! No colors and no scents (though I am toying with the idea of an oatmeal castile bar). I used my new silicone tray mold. I made a little more soap than I should have so some of the bars came out a whopping 8oz. After cleaning them up a bit, they are still big bars. Some bars I sliced in half so I have some 3+ozs, some 4+ozs, and a few 7+ ozs. The Naked stamp is just so fitting for this soap!

Dreams if India Bar
This is probably the most amazing essential oil blend ever! Top notes of ginger lily, with lemongrass, & clary- sage make for a most unique scent. I embedded lemongrass curls throughout the top and placed some pink round embeds of the same essential oil blend scent inside the loaf. I topped it with gold mica and the bar is a true work of art.

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