Jul 21, 2012

A fine rebatch:

I am not sure if I will ever use cedar wood essential oil in soap again. To begin with I am not a big fan of this strong smelling oil. The soap that I made was a combination of cedar wood essential oil and citrus essential oil, and was made for Fathers Day. I guess my intentions were good in the beginning, but in the end it just did not work. This bar just sat around at the markets like a lump of soap coal. Horrible! Needless to say this was the perfect time to do something I have been wanting to try for a while now. I would be re-batching the soap using coconut milk instead of distilled water.

To start out I grated all of my soap into the bowl and then added a large amount to my crock pot:

This is the can of coconut milk I used to add to the melting soap in the crock pot. As the soap melted I added a small bit of coconut milk and the remainder of the shredded soap. I was careful not to add too much liquid because of course that is the golden rule of a good rebatch!!

I noticed that as I added the coconut milk to my melted soap, it gave my mixture a nice creamy texture. The cedar wood smell was not going off as I planned, so I needed to use a fragrance that would blend well with it. Nag Champa was the perfect spicy scent to compliment the Cedar wood. 

In order to give this green soap a nice grey shade I added a heavy dose of activated charcoal to the mix.

This was as dark as she got, but it worked. To complete the process I glopped this melted mixture into some round molds (for felted soaps) and some square molds. I have yet to get some pics of the outcome of this re-batch, but check back for an update!!

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